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The Lenormand Collection

This beautiful collection is composed of three elements: a videobook (narrated and fully illustrated),
an ebook and an exercise book. Here you will become familiar with the origins and history of the Lenormand cards and have a pleasant learning experience where the video (rentable for 72hs) will introduce the entire content of the ebook strictly loyal to its text.

At the end of the videobook, there will be a QR code that will take you to the page where you can download the ebook and the exercise book. Therefore, these three components together will provide the best method to learn the cards and understand their meanings, helping you to develop a sharp accuracy in your readings. Also I offer 101 personal coach packages where we will go together into more details and complexity.

Lenormand Basics



Divided in 3 sessions

Valid for 12 months


- 3X 101 Private coaching

- All included free access to the collection (video/audiobook + ebook + workbook) for 3 months

- 3 months access to "Fraternity" page

Purple Glow

Or AU$30.00

The Collection Only!

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