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The journey to learn the "Book of Life"

An innovative way to learn Tarot for self-taught learners that will have a deep impact in the way to feel and understand the cards. With powerful images, supported by the reading of the best seller "The Only Tarot Book You'll Ever Need" (Skye Alexander and Mary Shannon), this documentary like resource, very pleasant to watch, will take you to the best mental atmosphere to receive this ancient knowledge.

To go many steps further and expand your learning, I also offer a package of 1 0 1 personal coaching, where together, we will dive into more details and complexity,


Tarot Basics



Divided in 3 sessions

Valid for 3 months


- 3X 101 Personal Coaching

- Free access to the trilogy videos  for 3 months

- 1 Free comprehensive workbook

- 3 months access to "Community" page.