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Special Guest
@ The Crossroads!

Special Guest @ The Crossroads is a

space dedicated to showcase our sponsors: professionals and businesses are invited

to demonstrate a little of their

work. Here you can also include your

contact details and social media links.

Want to become a sponsor? Send your proposal and I hope to

see you here soon!


Find your tribe!




Every month

Perfect for related business who want to be found outside the algorithms of mainstream social medias

Valid for 12 months

Access to all tools and resources from "The Fraternity" page

Access to the trilogy "The Book of Life: Introduct to tarot"

Find likeminded people and collab opportunities

Access to "The Arcanum Library"

Access to the "Lenormand" (videobook only)

With attractive benefits, by becoming a collaborator, you can enjoy an atmosphere of like minded people, opportunities and resources. You can have a space to show what you do in an exclusive niche focused community, to bounce ideas, post blogs, announcements, links, videos, and much more. You can have access to some content which can be used in your activities and events in order to enrich your experiences. It's a nurturing space for mutual collaboration. If you want to find a place outside the craziness of the algorithm ruled mainstream social media, then ...
Join now!

Best Value




Every month

All benefits from the "Collaborator" plan, PLUS:

Valid for 12 months

Discount in workshops

Your guided meditations or podcast featured @ The Crossroads

Your business/work featured in an interactive media gallery

30% Off! Your advertising @ The Crossroads

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